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Paving Services


Choose a Driveway Paving Company That You Can trust with Your Perth Home

We love houses, it's what we enjoy doing the most. There is nothing more rewarding than adding value to someone’s home, and it doesn't have to be hard either!

We know homes back to front. So well in fact that a number of Perth's home builders will only trust us to complete the outdoor paving to their display homes as we consistently deliver high quality solutions that always meet the industry NCC standard's.

Outdoor paving that meets all requirements

There are specifications for the layer of sand under your pavers, haunching, construction of step's. Why compromise for any less when you don't have to? You would expect that your paving would be completed according to these requirements more often than not most people don't even know what they are and the majority of paving issues arise from poor install techniques and simply not performing work to industry standard. We don't compromise on our standard of work and stringently adhere to the NCC standards, ensuring our work doesn't fail 6 months down the track.

A paving company that takes care of every detail

Looking at paving the crossover of your driveway and wondering what is required in your Perth shire for brick paved crossovers? Avoid the hassle and disappointment when you’re refused on your crossover rebate due to the work not being completed as per shire specification. As a highly experienced driveway paving company, we don't make these mistakes in any of our services and have dealt with most shires on crossover construction throughout our time. We even have on file each shires specifications, making the process simple and straightforward for you as we never miss a thing!

Get in touch with us today

Nearing the end of your new home construction and want to organise for professionals to put the finishing touches on your dream residential or commercial property? Send us a pdf copy of your site plan marked up with where you want us to work our magic and we can price the entire job before you even get the keys. This allows us to be organised and start work as soon as you have the handover – with us, it’s that easy.